Suggestion boxes help provide business feedback from customer ideas and suggestions. They can be placed in any area such as gyms and health club receptions, libraries, university cafeteria, foyer waiting rooms and lobbies, and restaurant or store entrances. They can also be used to collect prize cards, sweepstakes, entry forms and reward surveys.

Get direct feedback with anonymity

Unlike online computer suggestion systems, suggestion boxes provide your consumers a direct way to give you feedback, either while waiting in the lobby, or in a prominent area of traffic like a front desk or reception area.

Analyse your results and better your business

Once you have collected enough responses you can use the forms to gather useful feedback for whatever you are after, and make a positive improvement on your business or facility. Anonymous suggestion feedback allow consumers to write whatever they wish and place in the box with confidence, ensuring that they give constructive criticism, rather than just being nice.

Suggestion box solutions for you

To find the right type of Suggestion Box, we have acrylic lead boxes, cardboard lead boxes and lead box accessories to help you make your decisions easier.