Why use lead boxes? Lead generation using acrylic or cardboard lead boxes is one of the most cost effective marketing strategies your business can employ. Lead boxes generate a steady flow of qualified leads and enquiries that ultimately become the basis for new business sales.

A lead box in a well-placed location can generate 5-20 leads per week. If you get just 20% of the leads to visit your business and you close 50% (most businesses do better than than that) this will give you approximately 1-3 new customers or clients a month.

Now check out this example for a gym:
12 boxes generate 12-36 new members per month.
At $60 a month per member (that’s low) = $720 – $2,160 per month
Total annual revenue = $8,640 – $25,920 per year – big numbers!

Expand to 24 lead boxes, and you could double these numbers. By investing in 12-24 boxes + 12-24 pens + 12-24 pads, you can make a huge difference to the bottom line of your business with an initial start up cost of around $750. You can easily earn this investment back in as little as a 2 weeks. Now it’s easy to see the benefits of using a lead box campaign as a marketing tool!

Start now! Every business should have at least 12 lead boxes placed in their local community. Lead boxes give your sales staff no excuses and add extra revenue to your bottom line.